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Disability Income Protection

People often ask: What is disability income insurance? One myth about disability income insurance (or, simply – disability insurance) is that it is only for rare, catastrophic accidents. In reality, many rely on these policies to cover the income they’ve lost due to relatively common conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. Learn how disability insurance works – protect yourself and your business.

Why should physicians choose disability income protection?

Physicians choose our disability income protection to address their unique needs. A comparison of industry standards will lead doctors - and partners in their practice - to the conclusion that our offering is one of the best long-term disability insurance products for physicians. Our policy features are structured upon realistic analysis of medical careers and are built to help provide a higher degree of income security.

Enhanced true-own occupation protection developed just for physicians

  • Provides more opportunities to qualify for benefits
  • Offers the choice to work in another specialty or occupation – and still collect benefits

Coverage offers a 10% preferred occupation discount

Optional benefits available*

  • Student loan debt payment protection
  • Coverage for partial disabilities
  • Lump sum benefit
  • Ability to increase coverage as salary increases